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When you’re looking for business advice, you want to hear it from experts, especially when you’re dealing with safety. The well being of your employees is a serious matter, so we talk to the people who can tell you how to do safety right.

At Safety Experts Talk, we seek out experts from safety and regulatory organizations such as OSHA and the NFPA. We find people with years of experience in electrical safety, HazCom, and disaster preparedness. We even talk with Lean manufacturing professionals with the know-how to take your business from good to great by making it more organized and efficient.

Each episode of the show features an interview with one of these experts and lasts up to 30 minutes. You’ll learn about dealing with safety hazards such as high noise levels, combustible dust, and arc flash. Then you can feel confident when you apply these recommendations to your own workplace.

If you’re wondering where to start, browse our library or try out some of these popular episodes:

A_New_Unsafe_Generation_Of_Workers-Creative_Safety_Supply-220x220Unsafe GenerationLadder_Safety-10_Questions-Creative_Safety_Supply-220x220Ladder Safetyelectrical_safety_at_work-Creative_Safety_Supply-220x220OSHA trainer on electricalNew_HazCom_Labeling_Standards-Creative_Safety_Supply-220x220New HazCom GHS labeling

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The Safety Experts Talk podcast is created and sponsored by Creative Safety Supply, a Portland, Oregon-based company that provides workplace safety and Lean manufacturing products and training.

Over the years, Creative Safety Supply has supplied industry leaders such as Boeing, NASA, Coca-Cola, and others with the floor markings, labeling solutions, and safety supplies they need. The company continues to provide businesses with visual and safety tools to make their workplaces safe, efficient, and effective.

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