Lean Success Stories


Lean success means increasing safety and efficiency. Yes, improve operations and save money simultaneously. Lean implementer Matt Wrye explains how. Matt is a lean expert, with a passion for continuous learning on all subjects related to business and lean. He is writer and publisher of the lean blog BeyondLean.WordPress.com. Matt has worked in multiple business positions, including HR, finance, engineering and operations to help them improve their processes. In this podcast, Matt gives examples from …

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Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 2


Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 2 continues with Six Sigma Black Belt Chuck Hardy. Chuck tells of the value of a mentor. He offers advice on books to help anyone on their Lean / Six Sigma quest. Mr. Hardy also gives insight on 5S programs. Brandon Nys discusses Chuck’s history with Eastman Kodak and Lockheed Martin, and is now working for a non-profit, NMEDA, The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. In part 1, Chuck discussed …

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Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 1


Starting Lean Six Sigma with an expert. Chuck Hardy is a Black Belt in Six Sigma. Chuck tells of lean as a cultural thing. Brandon Nys and Kyle Holland interview Chuck about lean and Six Sigma systems. In this podcast, you’ll hear how workers and managers can include lean culture at home or at work, no matter what field they’re in. Chuck emphasizes the value of left and right brain thinkers into a lean culture, …

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