Safety Experts Talk

Safety Experts Talk offers relevant, on-topic interviews with industry leaders in safety, 5S, Lean, Six Sigma and other continuous improvement genres. Podcasts are 30 minutes or less and cover PPE, safety software, tools, GHS labeling standards, and more. You'll find a rich library of safety related topics.


Safety Kickoffs That Really Work, Pt 1


Safety kickoffs can have spark and NOT be boring. Hear John Drebinger, Jr., expert safety speaker, give great tips on engaging and informing employees. In a safety kickoff, John suggests visual aids, cartoons and even joke telling to keep workers’ attention. John is also a magician, and uses magic tricks to deliver some messages. John urges company owners and managers to attend safety kickoffs. Hear why they should stay for the entire meeting, not just …

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10 Best Safety Apps For Safety Pros


Safety apps picked by safety expert Paul Colangelo. He debuted the 10 best at ASSE’s Safety 2015. Hear Paul offer his thoughts on each, see links to all. Paul reviewed 150 environmental health and safety apps for iOS and Android devices. Even one for the Windows phone. Mr. Colangelo, STS, CHST, CET, is National Director of Compliance Programs at ClickSafety. Paul focused on low cost and free applications, and those which work without an internet …

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Buy Quiet Power Tools


Buy Quiet – for less occupational noise exposure. Many power tools are designed to be quiet. A NIOSH expert tells how to compare brands with their database. The quietest saw, drill or sander is not always the most expensive. Hear sound expert Capt. Chuck Hayden from the National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health explains their detailed research on noisy power tools. In this podcast, interviewer Dan Clark also asks if we’ll ever see a …

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OSHA Inspections – How To Prepare


OSHA inspections are a breeze if you’re ready. An OSHA Consultation Manager tells how OSHA can help your company be safe and ready for inspection. For FREE. An OSHA consultation visit cannot trigger an OSHA inspection. Consultation and Enforcement divisions operate separately, says Roy Kroker, Consultation Manager of OSHA, Oregon. In this podcast, Dan Clark asks Roy’s advice on the new hazard communication label standard for labels, arc flash, confined space and more. Roy says …

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How To Spot Counterfeit Electrical


Counterfeit electrical components can instantly burst into flames. Hear how to identify fake wiring, breakers and switches from Brett Brenner of ESFI. Electricians and contractors may be surprised to hear that parts of the electrical infrastructure they install could be counterfeit. They can benefit from Brett’s advice, as Dan Clark interviews him about the screening of electrical parts in the United States. Mr. Brenner also reveals the biggest problem is beyond our borders. Counterfeits make …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 2


Fall prevention requires employer planning and employee training. Listen to Matt McNicholas of OSHA discuss the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Matt says employers need to do three things to keep employees safe from falls: 1. Plan ahead to get work done safely. 2. Provide the correct equipment. 3. Train the exposed workers how to safely use equipment. Matt is a Safety And Health Specialist with OSHA in Chicago. In this podcast, …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 1


Fall prevention saves lives. Hear Dr. Christine Branche of NIOSH talk passionately about the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Dr. Branche explains that companies are asked to pause work on job sites to review fall prevention with employees. Dr. Branche is Director Of The Office Of Construction Safety And Health for NIOSH, The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health. Near the end of the podcast, Dr. Branche also politely laughs at …

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New HazCom Labeling Standards


HazCom labeling changes are here. OSHA’s new standards finally match GHS labeling. Expert Chuck Paulausky, CHMM, explains hazard communication labeling. Chuck says the new labels are a big safety improvement from previous systems. He explains the new rules, and their similarities to NFPA, GHS and HMIS labels. Dan Clark hosts the interview with Mr. Paulausky. In the discussion, they spotlight the conflict between the NFPA zero-to-four ranking, with four being the worst and the GHS …

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Continuous Improvement In Manufacturing


Continuous improvement can make a process better, improve safety and save dollars. But it’s a waste of time if the customer doesn’t like the end result. How will the customer benefit? That’s the first question a company must ask itself before implementing a continuous improvement program. Dan Clark interviews Tony Ferraro about the practicality of Six Sigma, 5S, kaizen and lean in the world of manufacturing and industry. Tony writes a blog for Creative Safety …

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NFPA 70E Standards 2015


NFPA 70E electrical standards see a major shift in the 2015 edition. Hear Bill Burke of the NFPA explain the change in risk assessment. Bill urges non-electricians to be aware of NFPA 70E. It will help them understand the potential for huge liabilities with loss of life, critical injuries, and equipment damage from electrical hazards. Company owners, managers and safety managers should all have access to a copy of The Handbook, which includes the code …

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