Behavioral Safety Is Actively Caring For People


Actively Caring For People. What? Hear what Behavioral Safety has become. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. E. Scott Geller, a professor at Virginia Tech’s Department of Psychology and a partner at Safety Performance Solutions. Dr. Geller is THE go-to expert on how psychology relates to safety. For the first time safety manager or a seasoned pro wanting to modernize their safety program, Dr. Geller is an excellent source of information and enthusiasm. Dr. …

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Lean Success Stories


Lean success means increasing safety and efficiency. Yes, improve operations and save money simultaneously. Lean implementer Matt Wrye explains how. Matt is a lean expert, with a passion for continuous learning on all subjects related to business and lean. He is writer and publisher of the lean blog Matt has worked in multiple business positions, including HR, finance, engineering and operations to help them improve their processes. In this podcast, Matt gives examples from …

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Kaizen Events That Rock


Kaizen events that rock—time to increase efficiency in your organization! Lean/Six Sigma expert Mark Hamel tells of how to implement a Kaizen event. Mark is the award-winning author of the Kaizen Event Fieldbook. Mark also created and writes the lean blog “Gemba Tales.” The always-busy author is also the cofounder of another blog, “Lean Math.” Mark writes columns for Quality Digest as well. Mr. Hamel has successfully coached lean leaders, and conducted numerous training sessions …

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Starting A Visual Workplace – Pt. 1


Starting A Visual Workplace—improving efficiency with Visuality. Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth explains better work flow through visual devices. Dr. Galsworth defines the Visual Workplace as “A work environment that is self ordering, self explaining, self regulating and self improving where what is supposed to happen does happen on time, every time, day or night, because of visual devices.” She expands on this definition, and describes how Lean, 5S and Six Sigma can compliment the system set …

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Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 2


Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 2 continues with Six Sigma Black Belt Chuck Hardy. Chuck tells of the value of a mentor. He offers advice on books to help anyone on their Lean / Six Sigma quest. Mr. Hardy also gives insight on 5S programs. Brandon Nys discusses Chuck’s history with Eastman Kodak and Lockheed Martin, and is now working for a non-profit, NMEDA, The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. In part 1, Chuck discussed …

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Starting Lean Six Sigma, Pt. 1


Starting Lean Six Sigma with an expert. Chuck Hardy is a Black Belt in Six Sigma. Chuck tells of lean as a cultural thing. Brandon Nys and Kyle Holland interview Chuck about lean and Six Sigma systems. In this podcast, you’ll hear how workers and managers can include lean culture at home or at work, no matter what field they’re in. Chuck emphasizes the value of left and right brain thinkers into a lean culture, …

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Lean Methodology In Healthcare


Lean Methodology In Healthcare — hear Mark Graban on 5S, Six Sigma, and “lean Sigma” in the medical world. Mark Graban is the CIO of KaiNexus, a technology and software company enabling continuous improvement in organizations. Brandon Nys talks with Mr. Graban about his experience as consultant, speaker and author on lean efficiencies in healthcare. Mark wrote the Shingo Award winning “Lean Hospitals,” plus other books, “Healthcare Kaizen” and “The Executive Guide to Healthcare Kaizen.” …

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Safety Experts Talk – Overview


Safety Experts Talk is the place where manufacturing and construction experts discuss safety and continuous improvement. Listen to keep workers safe. Welcome to the podcast series. The interviews last up to one hour, and include topics such as 5S, lean, Six Sigma, electrical safety, hazcom, and OSHA rules. Hosts Brandon Nys and Dan Clark of Creative Safety Supply explain the scope of the series in this introductory podcast. TRANSCRIPT (:00) Brandon Nys: Welcome to Safety …

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