Forklifts vs. Pedestrians: Right-Of-Way


Forklifts vs. pedestrians. Who has to stop? People on foot technically have the right-of-way. But some say powered industrial trucks should hold sway. Safety expert Jonathan Jacobi, of Underwriters Laboratories, tells how some companies ask walking workers to cede their right-of-way to multi-ton forklifts. Jonathan also explains how part of OSHA’s standard on powered industrial trucks has not changed since 1969. Jonathan is a Senior Environment, Health and Safety Advisor with UL Workplace Health And …

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10 Rules For Forklift Safety

10_Rules_For_Forklift_Safety-Creative_Safety_Supply-250x250|Watch For Forklifts Safety

10 Rules For Forklift Safety can keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the job. Some forklift safety tips are obvious, some not-so. New drivers and experienced pros can benefit from this podcast. Brandon Nys interviews Antonio Ferraro, one of the blog writers for Creative Safety Supply. Antonio is well versed in this critical area of safety with the powered industrial truck known as the forklift. Below the transcript is a SlideShare about forklift safety, plus …

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