HazCom Labels And SDSs – OSHA Talks


HazCom labels and SDSs are confusing – until now. Two OSHA industrial hygienists explain what is happening right now with the Hazard Communication Standard. Hear about HCS 2012 changes in chemical labeling and Safety Data Sheets. OSHA’s Lana Nieves and Sven Rundman of The Directorate of Enforcement Programs discuss major and minor details that every safety manager and company owner will want to know. In this podcast, we focus on pictograms, labeling refillable containers, secondary …

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New HazCom Labeling Standards


HazCom labeling changes are here. OSHA’s new standards finally match GHS labeling. Expert Chuck Paulausky, CHMM, explains hazard communication labeling. Chuck says the new labels are a big safety improvement from previous systems. He explains the new rules, and their similarities to NFPA, GHS and HMIS labels. Dan Clark hosts the interview with Mr. Paulausky. In the discussion, they spotlight the conflict between the NFPA zero-to-four ranking, with four being the worst and the GHS …

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