Safety Programs Built With Employee Input


Safety programs work best by consulting workers. EHS expert Lori Siegelman of W&M Environmental tells how to involve employees to build safety programs. Lori says a worker doing a task is the best person to ask about safety for that task. Dan Clark also asks Lori for her opinion of workers as safety observers. In this 24 minute interview, hear how employees are reacting to OSHA’s HazCom 2012 standard on chemical labeling and SDS sheets. …

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Myths Of Behavior Observation Safety


Behavior observation means workers watch out for each other. Safety expert Marc McClure shatters myths, tells of reducing incidents with his staff by 80 percent. Marc manages 350 people as Divisional Safety Manager at electrical contractor IES Commercial & Industrial in Grand Island, Nebraska. Marc dispels these fables in this podcast: Myth: “Behavior observation is about placing blame.” Myth: “I can’t use stop-work because the whole job would shut down.” Myth: “Observation process is just …

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Forklifts vs. Pedestrians: Right-Of-Way


Forklifts vs. pedestrians. Who has to stop? People on foot technically have the right-of-way. But some say powered industrial trucks should hold sway. Safety expert Jonathan Jacobi, of Underwriters Laboratories, tells how some companies ask walking workers to cede their right-of-way to multi-ton forklifts. Jonathan also explains how part of OSHA’s standard on powered industrial trucks has not changed since 1969. Jonathan is a Senior Environment, Health and Safety Advisor with UL Workplace Health And …

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HazCom Labels And SDSs – OSHA Talks


HazCom labels and SDSs are confusing – until now. Two OSHA industrial hygienists explain what is happening right now with the Hazard Communication Standard. Hear about HCS 2012 changes in chemical labeling and Safety Data Sheets. OSHA’s Lana Nieves and Sven Rundman of The Directorate of Enforcement Programs discuss major and minor details that every safety manager and company owner will want to know. In this podcast, we focus on pictograms, labeling refillable containers, secondary …

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Front-Line Workers And Safety


Front-line workers shouldn’t be fired for blowing the whistle on safety. Their observations need to be taken seriously by managers, says Dr. Sidney Dekker. Employees in the middle of the action know real-world safety, according to Dr. Dekker. As front-line workers, their safety opinions are an asset, not a nuisance. Also, safety is bogged down with bureaucracy. Hear Sidney explain his solutions in this 22 minute podcast hosted by Dan Clark. Prof. Dekker is a …

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Safety Kickoffs That Really Work, Pt 2


Safety kickoffs can alienate experienced workers. Learn how to bring these staffers into new, safer realms with John Drebinger, Jr., expert safety speaker. John also lists the five reasons to watch out for other people’s safety. In this podcast, Dan Clark asks John to share other tips from his book “Would You Watch Out For My Safety?” A safety speaker for over a quarter century, John Drebinger, Jr., C.Ht. CSP, has kept the attention of …

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OSHA Inspections – How To Prepare


OSHA inspections are a breeze if you’re ready. An OSHA Consultation Manager tells how OSHA can help your company be safe and ready for inspection. For FREE. An OSHA consultation visit cannot trigger an OSHA inspection. Consultation and Enforcement divisions operate separately, says Roy Kroker, Consultation Manager of OSHA, Oregon. In this podcast, Dan Clark asks Roy’s advice on the new hazard communication label standard for labels, arc flash, confined space and more. Roy says …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 2


Fall prevention requires employer planning and employee training. Listen to Matt McNicholas of OSHA discuss the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Matt says employers need to do three things to keep employees safe from falls: 1. Plan ahead to get work done safely. 2. Provide the correct equipment. 3. Train the exposed workers how to safely use equipment. Matt is a Safety And Health Specialist with OSHA in Chicago. In this podcast, …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 1


Fall prevention saves lives. Hear Dr. Christine Branche of NIOSH talk passionately about the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Dr. Branche explains that companies are asked to pause work on job sites to review fall prevention with employees. Dr. Branche is Director Of The Office Of Construction Safety And Health for NIOSH, The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health. Near the end of the podcast, Dr. Branche also politely laughs at …

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New HazCom Labeling Standards


HazCom labeling changes are here. OSHA’s new standards finally match GHS labeling. Expert Chuck Paulausky, CHMM, explains hazard communication labeling. Chuck says the new labels are a big safety improvement from previous systems. He explains the new rules, and their similarities to NFPA, GHS and HMIS labels. Dan Clark hosts the interview with Mr. Paulausky. In the discussion, they spotlight the conflict between the NFPA zero-to-four ranking, with four being the worst and the GHS …

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