Early Warning Safety Vest


A safety vest that alerts a roadside worker of oncoming vehicles is in the works. Hear about the InZoneAlert safety vest from Virginia Tech’s Tom Martin. In development now, the safety vest senses the accident avoidance signal from modern cars and trucks. The vest is equipped with a radio receiver which triggers flashing lights and audible alarms when a vehicle is too close. Professor Martin, of the Virginia Tech Bradley Dept. of Electrical & Computer …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 2


Fall prevention requires employer planning and employee training. Listen to Matt McNicholas of OSHA discuss the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Matt says employers need to do three things to keep employees safe from falls: 1. Plan ahead to get work done safely. 2. Provide the correct equipment. 3. Train the exposed workers how to safely use equipment. Matt is a Safety And Health Specialist with OSHA in Chicago. In this podcast, …

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Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down – Pt 1


Fall prevention saves lives. Hear Dr. Christine Branche of NIOSH talk passionately about the annual Construction Fall Safety Stand-Down May 4-15, 2015. Dr. Branche explains that companies are asked to pause work on job sites to review fall prevention with employees. Dr. Branche is Director Of The Office Of Construction Safety And Health for NIOSH, The National Institute For Occupational Safety And Health. Near the end of the podcast, Dr. Branche also politely laughs at …

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No-Itch, Flame-Resistant Clothes


  Flame resistant clothing now means comfort. Hear about the new polyester FR fabric, a comfort and safety breakthrough from Bulwark FR Chris Holcombe VP, GM of Bulwark FR, describes their milestone in flame-resistant clothing. Clothing that is NOT hot, heavy, stiff or itchy. With their partner Milliken & Company, Bulwark is creating light and breathable clothes which give protection from flash fires and arc flash. It’s a polyester molecule at the center of their …

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