Electrical Safety At Work


Electrical safety at work kicks up a notch with strong advice from OSHA trainer Jon Koppari. Hear Jon’s tips for safety managers, owners and workers. In 13 short minutes, Jon covers lockout/tagout; arc flash PPE, arc flash labeling, NFPA 70E regulations and much more. Jon even explains why birds aren’t electrocuted when they rest on power lines. Jon Koppari is a certified trainer for construction safety, NFPA 70E, and CPR/AED for The Occupational Safety and …

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Safety Management System Improvements


Safety Management. Has it helped workplace safety improve? Safety management systems expert Maureen Johnson, of IBM, rates 30 years of safety. As the Integrated Health Services Program Manager for IBM, Maureen describes strides made in safety management systems since she entered the industry in 1985. Dan Clark interviews Ms. Johnson about the different types of safety management systems (SMS), including OSHA’s Sharp, OSHA’s VPP, I2P2, OHSAS 18001, or ANSI Z10. Industry groups ASSE, NETS, NFPA …

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Safety Recognition Programs That Work


Safety recognition programs that cost the least work the best. Hear a former OSHA trainer explain how to have a better recognition program inexpensively. Steve Geigle worked for 16 years with OSHA, Oregon. He’s seen safety recognition programs fail miserably. Hear Steve detail the reasons for the failures, such as too much emphasis on rewards. Steve suggests using 15 S’s to create a safety recognition program. These will pump up worker morale by involving employees …

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OSHA Inspections – What To Expect


OSHA inspections can create panic in every safety manager. Relax. An OSHA Enforcement Manager responds to 18 questions on inspections, revealing the facts. Gary Beck, Enforcement Manager of Oregon OSHA, explains what any company owner or safety manager should expect during a safety inspection. Dan Clark interviews Gary on how to prepare for their surprise appearances, and how keeping workers safe is OSHA’s reason for being there. Many other questions about facility safety and signs …

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Do A Combustible Dust Test


Combustible dust explosions can happen in a confined workspace without notice. Hear dust and flammability expert Dr. Ashok Dastidar discuss a Go/No-Go test, and how to collect a sample of dust in your facility. Fine metal or organic particles can burst into flames. Dr. Dastidar warns that dust which comes from something that isn’t normally flammable can actually explode. For example, a steel rod may not burn. But, if you make very fine steel powder, …

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