Safety Management System Improvements


Safety Management. Has it helped workplace safety improve? Safety management systems expert Maureen Johnson, of IBM, rates 30 years of safety. As the Integrated Health Services Program Manager for IBM, Maureen describes strides made in safety management systems since she entered the industry in 1985. Dan Clark interviews Ms. Johnson about the different types of safety management systems (SMS), including OSHA’s Sharp, OSHA’s VPP, I2P2, OHSAS 18001, or ANSI Z10. Industry groups ASSE, NETS, NFPA …

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Be A Safety Role Model


Does on-the-job safety improve if managers set a good safety example? Yes! Hear the study results: A leader’s safety behavior affects how subordinates act. The study was conducted by Krista Hoffmeister, a student at Colorado State University. Krista is part of a Safety Management Applied Research Team which surveyed workers, then published the results called The Differential Effects Of Transformational Leadership Facets On Employee Safety. In this podcast, Ms. Hoffmeister tells host Brandon Nys about …

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